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Tucked in the middle of McGuire’s Irish Pub’s lineup of deliciousness, you’ll find the best ice cream Destin has to offer!! They have 44 flavors of unique and amazing ice cream. Above all, my personal favorite is Better Brownie Batter. However, the fun doesn’t end with their ice cream!! They also make the world’s most delicious popcorn that you’ll be craving long after you leave Destin (Don’t worry, they’ll ship it to you when you get home 😉 ). Additionally, our favorite flavor of popcorn they make is Cinnamon Churro. Moreover, sugarland also serves coffee, chocolates, candy, and soon they’re adding donuts too!

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The People


Don’t just come to Sugarland for the best ice cream in Destin! Sugarland prides themselves on their customer service. Their personable connection to each customer is no joke! When we first moved to Destin, it only took one visit to get us completely hooked on this place. We were chatting it up with everyone who works there within a few minutes and after visiting several times, it’s like we’ve known them forever. They’re the most friendly group in Destin and you’re sure to make quick friends when visiting.
Matt is the owner. He’s originally from Indiana and has lived in Destin for 8 years now. He’s very present in the shop and so humble, you would never even know he’s the owner! Our favorite ice cream man at Sugarland is Jared. He’s a super nice guy and always willing to recommend other great place in Destin that you’ve got to check out. 


The Parking


Since McGuire’s can get a little packed, parking can be quite an adventure. There are plenty of options though. McGuire’s offers additional parking behind the building and down the hill (so you can walk off all the goodies on your way back to your ride. There’s also parking at the community center just behind McGuire’s or on the side street near by.

See the Menu Here: 
In addition to this menu, they’ve also started serving banana splits. I can confidently say, they’re absolutely AMAZING!!

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Check out their website here:
Visit them at: 47 Harbor Boulevard
DESTIN, Florida 32541
Call them: +1 850-598-9958